Business & Marketing Solutions for Massage, Spa & Wellness Professionals

Do you have confidence in promoting yourself and your services?

Growing and maintaining a successful spa, massage practice or other wellness business takes more than just providing good services. It takes a solid blend of effective and regular marketing efforts and promotions to bring clients in; great customer service and meaningful client experiences to make those new clients happy; and a plan of action to keep clients coming back - and bringing their friends with them.

Achieving this balance is not always easy! In fact, just trying to keep your clients (and staff) satisfied while making sure everything else is up and running can be stressful, time-consuming and challenging. As a result, many spa owners and solo practitioners all but ignore the marketing side of their business and then wonder...

"Where are all the clients?"

You are not alone! I was there myself when I first started as a massage therapist back in 1994. But I quickly learned how to successfully promote my businesses again and again. Through my solo practice, group massage practice and day spas I've learned what works and doesn't work through trial and error - and lots of education. I've researched and created a number of inexpensive tools, resources and systems for myself and am ready to share my easy to use PR and marketing strategies, tools and promotions with professionals who are ready to make their practice or business a success. They are all just waiting for you when we work together!

By working with me as your business and marketing coach or consultant, you'll...

  • Increase confidence in your abilities as a business and marketing professional
  • Clarify and re-energize your business goals and vision
  • Get clear strategies for taking action and achieving your goals and vision
  • Improve client attraction and retention
  • Increase your service and retail sales
  • Increase client bookings and rebookings
  • Increase business through marketing goals & plan
  • Allow you to have more fun at work (and away from it!)

While no business is ever completely and totally stress-free, by working with Spalutions on your business and marketing skills, confidence and strategies, you will begin to relax, take action and actually enjoy growing and running your business! You'll also have begin to have more time and energy for doing what you love at home and work. And of course you'll be making more money! 

How to get started...

1) Buy Felicia's book "Free and Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business: Volume 1 - Getting New Clients (& Keeping Them!). It's filled with ideas on how to promote yourself affordably and effectively!



2) Purchase a Home Study Program. There are two options available currently :    

Course 1 - Every Touch Marketing Intensive - A 12 Lesson Course on Finding Your Ideal Clients - $259

All Materials Loaded on a USB Drive + plus get access to download everything INSTANTLY!


Click here to read about what you'll learn!


Course 2 - Smart Spa Marketing - All Materials Loaded on a USB Drive - $129 

Click here to read more about both of them.


3) Schedule a Introductory Thirty Minute Coaching Session with Felicia - priced at just $50 (regularly $95)-  to get instant answers and advice to solve your most pressing business and marketing questions and problems. This session will also help you determine "next steps" for other options for products, coaching or training to help you solve your problems or attain your goals. If you decide to sign up for a one-on-one package within 30 days of your initial session, the $50 will be applied to your purchase.  Special pricing and offer available for new clients only.

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Professional Kudos and Client Testimonials for Felicia and Spalutions...

"Felicia is filled with information directed at the massage and spa industries. While this is imperative information for those in the industry it is practical knowledge for any industry. Felicia is knowledgable, practical and truly has the desire to help you succeed. She is like one of your best friends - she shares your vision, helps during the good times and still cares about you during bad

Colleen Fletcher LMT, CHt, Owner - Massage & Body Boutique, Boise, ID -

"Having a clear picture of what my priorities are has enabled me to become more productive and reach my goals.  The topics that Felicia discusses and the focused homework assignments help me understand what I can do to best grow and run my business. What I like best about the program, is that it is encouraging of what my particular goals and dreams are, even though the material can be applied to anyone in this industry." 

Ben Taylor ~ Taylored Restoration
"Felicia's 30 points of touch is a game changing philosophy. It makes you analyze the image you are projecting. What you think clients are seeing and what they are actually seeing may be different." 

Lynn Smith - Body Mechanix, LLC
"Felicia's coaching has really opened my eyes and changed the way I look at my business.  I have started looking for the marketing opportunities all around me and how to use those to my advantage.  Things I never thought of before started popping up!  In addition, my confidence and vision expanded.  Instead of getting discouraged or lacking motivation, I believed I could become more successful in my business. And I have! 

Andrew Grover - Bodhi Massage & Wellness Center - San Diego, CA

"I would recommend this program because Felicia is so knowledgeable and willing to share all her experiences, good and bad! I also believe that everyone needs a coach in order to propel themselves in their businesses. Why waste time with trial and error when you have someone like Felicia who "has been there,done that" and knows what works. In today's tough economy compounded by a growing competition, we can't afford "trial and error". Thank you Felicia for helping me bring my passion into a growing business!!"

Cyndi Jarvis ~ Esthetician

"Felicia Brown is the best marketing coach in the business. I highly recommend her Group Marketing Coaching Program, Social Media Coaching Program as well as her other products and classes. You will earn back a lot more than you spend for any of them and have a much more successful practice or business as a result." 

Ryan Hoyme - AKA "The Massage Nerd" -


"Detailed, Organized, Energetic, and Tenacious. These qualities define Felicia for me.  Her skills for coaching, training and sharing her vast knowledge of marketing and business management are quite keen. We were delighted to have her present at our Inaugural American Massage Conference in Atlanta in May 2011 and again in San Diego in 2012. It is my belief those who take her classes will walk away with a toolbox of ideas and plans to implement to drive business and increase ROI on marketing dollars.”

Angie Patrick - Massage Warehouse -

“Felicia has a genuine interest in seeing others succeed in the massage therapy/spa profession.  Her enthusiasm and practical advice can motivate anyone--and is especially useful to those people who are at a standstill and don't know how to get back on track.  Her insight is the result of having done it all herself--she speaks from personal experience.”

Laura Allen, LMBT - Author, Educator and Owner of Thera-ssage,

“Felicia Brown brings her clients the unique perspective of a business owner as well as a consultant. Her knowledge gained from opening, owning and developing a successful spa brings her clients confidence and experience, Felicia has added a significant amount of professional training and education to her hands-on experience. This combination gives her clients the best of balance between the theory and practical aspects of managing and marketing a spa business.”

Monte Zwang, Wellness Capital Management -

To view additional client testimonials and recommendations, click here.