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If I’ve heard it once from my coaching clients, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “I need to get more new clients.” Their work is good, their office or business site is appealing, but their schedule and wallet are not full. They are discouraged, dissatisfied and stressed about how to get where they want to be. Yet when I ask what they are doing to reach out to new clients and prospects on a regular basis, they are often at a loss for words.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set client attraction goals
  • Determine who your ideal clients are
  • Network effectively
  • Ask for referrals
  • Create a press release
  • Get good visibility and PR
  • Use your website as an effective marketing tool
  • Implement simple social media strategies

    How to Get New Clients – $9.95 (download) 



Create loyal, regular clients and fill your appointment book as well as your bank account with this succinct e-book. Filled with practical tips and sample scripts on how to rebook clients week after week, this valuable tool will teach you how to:

  • Keep your appointment book and bank account full
  • Create standing weekly and monthly clients
  • Fill empty appointment times and late cancellations
  • Receive permission to recommend other services and treatments
  • Get ongoing referrals and word-of-mouth PR
  • Educate your clients on the importance of the service(s) you offer
  • Get your clients to rebook again and again – all for less than the cost of an average dinner out!    

Getting Clients to Rebook – $9.95 (download)
Click here for Massage Therapist Version

Click here for Esthetician Version
Click here for Spa Professional Version

Please note the content and techniques in these three ebooks is the same. What differs is the verbiage and terms used is written specifically for Massage Therapists, Estheticians OR Salon/Spa Professionals. All are available for immediate download.

Retailing-Ebook-CoversmallRetailing for Massage, Spa & Salon Pros 

In Retailing for Massage, Spa & Salon Pros, you’ll get specific information on how to ethically improve your retailing mindset, confidence, skills and results including:

  • Why some people don’t retail
  • Why clients buy retail
  • How selling retail improves your reputation, retention and relationships
  • How to sell products easily and effectively
  • How to select the right products or lines

Retailing for Massage, Spa & Salon Pros – $9.95

event planning guideEvent Planning Guide – $9.95

Events created without careful planning are not likely to generate high turn-out, media interest or extra sales. This detailed guide will give you a head-start on planning successful and less stressful events for your business!  Includes:

  • Week by week steps for planning each phase of the preparation
  • Ideas for publicizing your event to clients and the community
  • Suggested to-do’s for the day of the event
  • Follow-up list for after the event
  • Blank timeline for prep and tracking

Ebook Bundle –  Get all 4 Ebooks above for just $29.95!

Once you make your purchase, you’ll also be eligible to save $10 on your purchase of Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business. Check your download email and the first page of the Ebook Bundle for details.

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