Do you have confidence in promoting yourself?


Growing a successful spa, massage or wellness business takes more than just providing good services. It takes a solid blend of effective and regular marketing ideas and promotions to bring clients in;  a plan of how to implement those promotions along with great customer service and meaningful client experiences; and regular action to keep growing the business and keep clients coming back – to succeed long term.

Achieving this balance is not always easy! In fact, just trying to keep your clients (and staff) satisfied while making sure everything else is up and running can be stressful, time-consuming and challenging. As a result, many spa owners and solo practitioners all but ignore the marketing side of their business and then wonder…

“Where are all the clients?”

You are not alone! I was there myself when I first started as a massage therapist back in 1994. But I quickly learned how to successfully promote my businesses again and again. Through my solo practice, group massage practice and day spas I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work through trial and error – and lots of education. I’ve researched and created a number of inexpensive tools, resources and systems for myself and am ready to share my easy to use PR and marketing strategies, tools and promotions with professionals who are ready to make their practice or business a success. They are all just waiting for you when we work together!

By working with me as your business and marketing coach, you’ll…

  • Increase confidence in your abilities as a business and marketing professional
  • Clarify and re-energize your business goals and vision
  • Get clear strategies for taking action and achieving your goals and vision
  • Improve client attraction and retention
  • Increase your service and retail sales
  • Increase client bookings and rebookings
  • Increase business through marketing goals & plan
  • Allow you to have more fun at work (and away from it!)

While no business is ever completely and totally stress-free, as you improve your business and marketing skills, confidence and strategies, you will begin to relax, take action and actually enjoy growing and running your business! You’ll also have begin to have more time and energy for doing what you love at home and work. And of course you’ll be making more money!

How to get started…

Proof Cover 3D copySchedule a 30 or 60 Minute Coaching Session. You’ll get instant answers and ideas to solve your most pressing business and marketing questions or problems. Your initial session will also help determine “next steps” and best options for additional coaching, training or products to help you reach your goals. You’ll also get a FREE copy of Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business. (International clients will receive a digital version.)

Special pricing and offer valid for new clients only.

Initial 30 Minute Coaching Session – $75

Initial 60 Minute Coaching Session – $150

 Purchase your session through one of the links above.
Then CLICK HERE to schedule your time.

Not ready for coaching yet?

3 D image upright

Get Felicia’s books: Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business and/or Creating Lifetime Clients. Both are filled with ideas on your to market yourself affordably and effectively. Includes ideas for networking, getting new clients, writing press releases and getting clients to rebook.

Available on Amazon or by clicking here.


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