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Felicia’s decades of experience as an award winning massage therapist, spa owner, marketing coach, and business consultant have given her a unique perspective into what it takes to attract, retain and connect with clients in service-based businesses.

Her ability to read and connect with an audience allows Felicia to take people on a journey of understanding about how to successfully use her business and marketing strategies and techniques in their industry.  An internationally recognized expert and best selling author on marketing, Felicia brings a well-rounded perspective, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to her engaging talks.

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Popular Topics Include:

~ Free & Easy Ways to Promote Yourself & Your Business
~ Creating Lifetime Clients: How to WOW Your Customers for Life
~ Networking – The Power of People You Know
~ Marketing Your Business with Every Touch
~ Client Retention: Getting Your Clients to Come Back
~ Do ONE Thing: Overcome Anxiety, Procrastination & “I Don’t Wanna” to Hit Your Goals
~ NEW! From Burned Out to Shining Bright

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“Felicia is a joy to work with. She is organized, prepared and has a passion for what she does. Her classes with Premiere have been well addended, and engaging for students. I’d highly recommend Felicia to any business, event or organization looking for a speaker who will inspire and ignite passion in their attendees. Felicia is a trustworthy source for education and speaking opportunities!”

~Nicole Payne, Education Coordinator, Premiere Show Group

“Felicia’s presentation on the Power of People You Know was engaging, fun and informative. When you attend a seminar led by Felicia, you can be assured that you are investing your time wisely.”

~ Audrey Lambert, Guilford Merchants Association

“With great pleasure, we have enjoyed Felicia Brown’s presentations at our annual massage convention in Florida since 2013. Felicia comes to the event ready to go, be it a room of students or senior industry professionals. Always bringing new insights to match her engaging microphone time, Miss Brown comes well-prepared and stays well-directed. Comments from attendees praise her warm and witty business tips, she always gets the crowds to thinking. An asset to any conference or gathering in the Wellness Industry, Felicia Brown brings the marketing-magic to the stage with years of experience and an approachable, humorous demeanor. Looking forward to sharing more time in the room when Felicia is on stage, a
guaranteed winner!”

~ Joyce Inderkum, Florida State Massage Therapy Association
Convention Event Coordinator/Massage Message Magazine Creative Director

“This was my first marketing class & I loved it! So many great ideas. I’m going home and getting clear on my perfect clients and then using my favorite way to get my name out there – NETWORKING! I’ve been excited all during class to learn, get specific and then take action. Bring Felicia Back!”

~ Attendee at American Massage Therapy Association – Illinois Chapter Meeting

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A seasoned massage therapist who has provided thousands of massages since 1994, Felicia is passionate about finding ways to heal and help others improve their health and wellness through their own self-care. Through her books and speaking, she also shares insights, experiences and tools for overcoming adversity, fear, self-doubt, loss and grief to find courage, confidence, inspiration, forgiveness and peace. Her words are authentic and provide many opportunities to learn how to move from difficulties and dark times back into the light.

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Popular Topics Include:

~ Filling Your Cup First:  Self Care for Givers, Caregivers & You
~ Do ONE Thing: Overcome Anxiety, Procrastination & Perfectionism to Get It Done
~Find the Light in Your Life through Gratitude, Forgiveness & Letting Go
~ Just Breathe: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, Relaxation & Self Care
~ NEW! From Burned Out to Shining Bright

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What people have said…

“Felicia is the first person who comes to mind when I am planning a wellness event, and with great confidence. Her presentation was an inspiration of hope, wellness, self-determination and resilience. I recommend her as a speaker for health and wellness programs and events.”

Damie Jackson-Diop
Advance Level Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator
Member, North Carolina Mental Health Planning Council

“Felicia and Lucy are a great team! They created a really empowering workshop that brought me back to my vision for my life. ”

~ Gabriela, NC

“I didn’t think I would get so much out of a 3 hour workshop.” ~ Elizabeth

“Thank you for guiding me to a sacred space within me to remember my vision of creating a healing spa.”

~ Heiderose, Phoenix, AZ

“This workshop helped remind me to keep the vision of my life. Although this vision may change as we grow, it is crucial to maintain one identity”

~ Terri, Greensboro, NC

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