Just Breathe Meditation CD

Just-Breathe-Cover-Art-WebJust Breathe – $13.95 + Shipping

Since I began been teaching in the spa and massage industries in 1998, I’ve added guided meditations to practically every talk or speech. I also use them with many of my own massage clients as a way to help them relax at the beginning of a  massage.

I hope you will use Just Breathe with your own clients and students. It is perfect for pre-massage relaxation, as a meditative add-on during facial masks or body wraps, or to end a yoga class. Or set up a listening station in your retail area to give clients the chance to try before they buy hand.

Free Sample Download from Just Breathe: Guided Meditations for Inner Peace.
Right click the link below and select “Save Target As” to download your free meditation.


Click here to preview, purchase

or download the entire CD

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