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Business & Marketing Coaching Services

You’ll get immediate answers to your most pressing business and marketing questions as well as action steps to take. Initial sessions are required for all new clients. Your first session includes a FREE copy of Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business.


Initial Consultation – 30 Minutes – $75  
Perfect for most situations and business, this session will give you an idea of what to expect in a typical coaching session. We’ll have time to work on one larger goal or problem and end the session with a “to-do” list of homework to get started on.

Initial Consultation – 60 Minutes – $150
This longer session is good for businesses or individuals with more complex problems and goals or a several smaller issues. You’ll end the call with specific “next steps” and other resources to help you move in the right direction.


6 Session Coaching Package – $495
This series of six (6) 30 minute sessions is designed for start-ups and existing businesses alike who are ready to rev up their marketing momentum and get
moving towards success. Though most clients meet every other week , we can
also set up at a pace and duration that best fits your schedule and drive.


Proof Cover 3D copy

If you aren’t ready to move ahead with coaching but want immediate help marketing your business,  consider purchasing  Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business here or on Amazon. It’s easy to read and has quick, affordable ideas to help you grow your business and profits fast.



On-Site Business Review & Consultation 

Get an educated review of your staff, procedures, marketing, and/or business operations along with concrete suggestions for improvement in any areas of concern through this custom service. We can rate and interview individual staff members or departments as well as the business as a whole including a your service menu, marketing materials and web site depending on your priorities.

This service works quite well with an on-site customer service, client retention or retail sales training so that “lost opportunities” can be examined and shared with your team. However, it can also be done on its own as a stand alone service.

Note: Prices below include travel fees to include flight, hotel, meals and additional expenses up to $750. If expenses are under the allowance, a rebate or credit will be issued to client. Travel expenses over the $750 allowance will be billed upon completion of the Onsite-Review & Consultation. Locations within 2 hours driving distance of Felicia’s current location may be eligible to take up to $450 off the total cost. Additional (sequential) days available at a reduced rate.

Touch Points “Secret Shop” Evaluation (Add-On to Onsite Review & Consultation)

detectiveThis unannounced and undercover visit to your business gives a client’s eye-view from phones to follow-up – and will shed light on which of up to 80 “touch points” are positive as well as what needs improvement.    Highlights and pitfalls before, during and after up to three (3) services will be noted so that your team can do more of what’s working and polish the rough spots where clients are getting snagged.

Touch Points “Secret Shop” Evaluations available a la carte in some situations for $350 plus travel and cost of services scheduled. If over three services are reviewed, add $50 per service plus the price of the services. 

Please click here to schedule a 30 Minute Initial Consultation Session with Felicia to determine if an On-Site Business Review & Consultation and/or Touch Points Evaluation is a feasible option for your business. The cost is $75 and will be refunded or applied to your purchase if you schedule an On-Site Business Review & Consultation and/or Touch Points Evaluation. Availability and scheduling options for on-site services will vary depending on your location, needs and Felicia’s schedule. 

Initial Consultation – 30 Minutes – $75 

Half Day Review & Consultation – 4 hours – $1750

Half Day with Touch Points Secret Shop Evaluation – $2000

Full Day Review & Consultation – 8 hours – $2500

Full Day with Touch Points Secret Shop Evaluation – $2750


5 thoughts on “Business & Marketing Coaching

  1. Hi Ms. felicia,

    Good day, I’m Nena from Philippines but basé in Dubaï as Spa Therapist. I ‘m a fun of you, It helps me a Iot. I try my best to watch you and getting some good Idea…
    thank you!



  2. Found your book on it…I am creating a canna spa in Jamaica. Too many questions trying to find a path to my goal. Will finish the book and see how many are answered. my business is complete…now putting my business docs together registering the company etc.


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