Student Testimonials

Boomerang Marketing (CE Class)

Felicia’s class was full of great marketing ideas as well as tips on how to put the “wow factor” into our services.  The class was interesting, motivating, and informative.  I would definitely have her back.

Betty Roman
Esthetician and Owner
B-Roman Day Spa

Felicia could have been making a presentation on watching grass grow and she would undoubtedly make it fun and interesting. You would actually see it in a new way! She’s the best!

H.W. – Esthetician

It encouraged me to jump back and try building up my business again. It’s easy to be very excited in the beginning and then forget the ideas or get stuck in a mode so this was great!

V.L. – Massage Therapist

It offered practical solutions to business problems I have and gave me many ideas.

S. B. – Massage Therapist

Felicia is knowledgeable and filled with positive energy. She is delightful.

K.A. – Massage therapist

An honor to be in a class led by this lady. Her reputation preceded her. Positive thinker!

L.H. – Massage therapist

Very motivational!

W.B. – Massage Therapist

The class is a must for every service provider, especially those contemplating opening their own place in the future. Very informative and goal oriented. I really enjoyed the class and learned things that I take for granted.

V.A. – Esthetician

Felicia rocks!

J.B. – Massage Therapist

Deja Vu Ethics Review (CE Class – Ethics)

Felicia took ethics, a dry topic, and made it lively and fun. I don’t believe there was one person who at some point was not nodding their head smiling at the way presented the material. She did not tip toe around the delicate subjects and told it as it is. Thanks, Felicia.

Lisa Castellano
AMTA-NC Unit Coordinator

Felicia’s class, Deja Vu Ethics Review, was fun and educational. It reminded me that some situations seem harmless but could potentially cause ethical concerns.

Amanda Davidson, LMBT
Massage Therapist

Felicia’s ethics class has given me a better dialogue to use for several situations with clients and co-workers.

Jamie Cheek, LMBT
Massage Therapist

Waterless Spa Treatments (CE Class)

Waterless spa treatments! What a great class! Fun and easy, informative, and did I say fun? Thanks again, Felicia!

Renee Robb-Cohen, LMBT
Massage Therapist

This class and discussion really opened my eyes. Some things that I thought were OK to say and do were not. The entire class was interesting.

J.L. – Esthetician

It was a great class…informative and fun.

A.N. – Nail technician

When Intention Doesn’t Matter (CE Class – Ethics)

Great workshop. informative and well delivered.

M.H. – Massage Therapist

I really learned a lot from other people’s experiences. I thought it was very informative and very easy for everyone to interact and feel comfortable sharing their experiences and opinions.

S.M. –  Massage Therapist

I thought the information was good. It did bring up issues I might not have thought about in certain ways.

K.R. – Massage Therapist

I really enjoyed the laid back feeling of the class.

S.Q. – Massage Therapist

The instructor made it fun. Great group topics. I did learn more information in this class. Felicia is an enthusiastic instructor.

M.T. – Massage Therapist

Valuable information that reinforces the need for continuing education.

K.R. – Massage Therapist

Very good speaker, organized. Told interesting, related stories and anecdotes.

S.S. – Massage therapist

This course shoudl be taught in high schools so both genders know the facts and have the opportunity to listen how to handle and react to situations.

B.B. – Massage Therapist

I have never looked at certain aspects of harassment this way. It was eye-opening. I love Felicia. She keeps the discussion focused and has a fun, quirky attitude.

J.R. – Massage Therapist

General Comments from Various Classes

I really enjoyed Felicia. Very informative and funny! She is very energetic and capable of keeping my attention.

The enthusiasm of the instructor (Felicia) is very motivational. She is a fun and lively presenter.

Felicia puts a personal touch on things and has a lively, realistic approach. This was an excellent class and well worth the drive.

Felicia’s ethics class helped me a lot by causing me to look at myself. She made the class interesting and fun. It was great.

Felicia took a boring topic (ethics) and made it fun while being upfront and honest.

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