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Save $50 on Massage Office Professional Software!

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As a BONUS, when you order Massage Office Professional Software, you will also get a FREE copy of Felicia’s book: Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business – Volume 1The book will be sent out with your software purchase.

Bon Vital provides unique products of superior quality for healthcare professionals in the wellness industry.  They can make this promise because of the company’s total commitment to innovation and ongoing research and development.  Furthermore, their dedication to customer service is absolute.  “Our goal is to satisfy your professional “wants” as well as your “needs,” and we will do whatever it takes to formulate products that meet your exacting specifications.”

My favorite product is their awesome Foot Balm. Daily use: Helps relieve inflammation and tenderness of swollen, tired feet; Speeds the healing of blisters and minor skin abrasions; Comforts and soothes aching muscles; and Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Visit their website at to learn more about their entire array of products!

David Kent of Kent Health Systems is the president and founder of Kent Health Systems that teaches Full Body Dissection seminars to Massage Therapists and Acupuncture Physicians at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. He also teaches Deep Tissue Medical Massage and Practice Building seminars, and has developed a line of products, including the Postural Analysis Grid Chart™, Trigger Point Charts, Personalized Essential Office Forms™, Muscle Movement Chart™, and a series DVD programs.

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Posture Charts                                        Trigger Point Charts                                      DVD Education

Core Products – I started using one of their pillows after a visit to the company that makes them when I was in nearby Minneapolis. From the very first night, I started sleeping better – and through the night – because my pillow was finally giving me the support I needed!

Cervical pillows are a natural, drug-free way to help correct and maintain the posture of your cervical spine. By creating a proper sleeping posture, you can often alleviate headaches, neck strain, arthritis and various other ailments. They can also help with recovery from whiplash, neck injuries and even snoring!

Since I had such a great experience and LOVE my pillow, I started carrying them at the office. Truly, they have been one of the most popular products I’ve ever had! One client emailed me after purchasing hers and said: Before I could sleep on my new pillow, my husband had to try it out and I haven’t seen it since! Could I come by some time this week and purchase another one?”

Use the code “Spalutions5” to save $5 off your $50 order or “Spalutions10” to save $10 off your $100 order.
Click here for more information on all of Core’s products!

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